Short Bio
Nancy Elliott, the founder of Single Girls Rehab, and the Author of the ‘Single girls rehab book’ a book for single women about how to get the love you want. Nancy is a Women’s Relationships Coach and Psychotherapist.

Nancy works exclusively with women around topics of self -love relationships, self-compassion, self-awareness and career empowerment and designed isth program for single women only!

An accredited Psychothetspist of 11 years Nancy’s works with many issues but received her initial training in childhood trauma and addiction.

Nancy conducts her workshops on building relational intelligence by focusing on childhood trauma and how it blocks us from creating and sustaining healthy relationships.

Childhood trauma is the number one reason we struggle with the tasks of giving and receiving love more effectively; this is because, without intervention it does not allow us to evolve beyond our attachment patterns. The Single girls Rehab is an intervention.

With 1000’s of clinical hours under her belt, Nancy designs simple yet effective treatments and coaching programs to help her clients to get the love they want.

Nancy says;
“The power our early relationships can have to contour our destinies negatively can not be underestimated. Our early attachments set the tone for what we will achieve in life and love unless we set an intervention”

As a businesswoman, Nancy has a career in the Film industry, writing and producing feature films and for the last 15 years and has successfully owns and manages her international property portfolio

“When A women acquires the tools to begin healing her past and relating to herself more effectively, she uncovers a new power within.

She will use her creativity and talents to transform the world
She will turn her past defeats into todays triumphs 
She will spin old pain into new power
She will learn from her broken heart how to love without fear

She is becoming an alchemist. This is every woman’s journey… ”