Short Bio
Keri Andriana is the CEO of the vegan accessories brand, Amschela. Her ambition was to create something for the ordinary woman desiring a high-end buzz and feel to their handbags, instilling confidence into their daily lives and appearance. As a former-lawyer, Keri is a self-taught designer from Bristol with no formal handbag design training. Amschela was named Entrepreneur of The Year in 2018 by the Rise Awards, were 2019 Finalists for The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and British Business Awards, and is a member of the British Fashion Council! The brand is currently designing their Signature line that will last for generations to come.

“Being a woman means waking up every day and being fearless, ready to take on whatever challenge the world throws at you. Being a woman is a whole persona full of competing facets, that requires you to be strong daily"