Short Bio
Mother • Serial Entrepreneur • Investor • Mentor • Advocate • Actress • Philanthropist • Beauty & Business Consultant

Founder Of
RUMEDii Sea Moss • Hemp & Cacao Brandbr RUMEDii Eats Resturant
The 274 Consultancy
Black British Autistic

British Holistic Medical As Board Member
Nutritionist • Holistic Practitioner • Master Herbalist • Tea Sommelier • Artisan
Hemp (CBD) & Cacao Agriculture
Owner & Consultant

Published • Featured & Spoken In
British Vogue, The Sunday Times, Tatler, Pride, Hello, The Voice, Tokeativity, Black Hair & Beauty, Brown Beauty Talk, Daily Star, The Daily Mail & Somerset House Summer Series 2022

“Being a woman for me means to celebrate who we are  and how far we have come. To appreciate the women before us that have opened  doors that seemed impenetrable to break through.

Accepting changes within my body after becoming a  mother and nurturing a little person that see’s you as  their everything that I have to also protect from the  negatives in the world.

Having learnt and accepting that I’m not a ‘strong  black woman’ I am just a woman with a powerful  position that loves to help others but also if my cup is  not overflowing I need to ensure my health and mental health should be restored and rest is needed.

To love yourself and be kind to others and to  understand it’s not what others say about you that  matters.

It what’s YOU say to yourself that matters and lead  with.

Love first. ”