Short Bio
Dionne Smith is Known to many as a Celebrity, Award-Winning Hairstylist & Educator as well as an international phenomenon sought after by Celebs, Personalities & Brands globally.

Dionne is of a pleasant nature, and as well as managing her own time very efficiently, she still dedicates time to helping and mentoring others within her field. She is highly respected amongst her peers and sought after for delivering her work in Europe, Africa and the USA.

Dionne possesses many skills and has gained a wealth of experience over the years in Branding, Social Media and Marketing. Having been her own PR person and managing not just her own marketing and social media content across a multitude of businesses, she has managed to build brands and networks in excess of the 1000's.

Dionne is extremely hard working, organised and insightful when it comes to her work and the many hats she wears, always ensuring attention to detail is paramount, resulting in exceptional results. She is extremely creative and has a great understanding of ensuring underlying needs are met for all the projects and tasks she embarks on.

With Dionne's wealth of experience and accolades to date, she is well positioned to carry out anything she puts her mind to, to a highly successful level.
She makes Business & Marketing decisions on a daily basis and has a key eye for seeking out opportunities, strategizing on how to benefit from them and executing her plans accordingly with a very high success rate.

“Being a woman to me means celebrating who we are also having so many different abilities as well as being in touch with a whole lot of emotions. 

We love, nurture, support but at the same time have to be strong and resilient. We gone through so much naturally like child birth and we have to be multifunctional in our every day lives. 

I believe we have to always go over and beyond to make our marks and be seen, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. ”