Presented by Peter Andre, Vanessa Feltz, Patrick Hutchinson, Kwame Badu, Dj Elayne Smith, Marcia Dixon (Keepin The Faith Magazine) Angie Greaves


A woman who acquires the tools to heal her past and relate to herself more effectively uncovers a new power within herself.
She will use her creativity and talents to transform the world
She will turn her past defeats into todays triumphs
She will spin old pain into new power
She is becoming an alchemist. This is every woman’s journey…


Ife Thomas

"Being a woman means : embracing all that I am. Every day, I bring my whole self to the world, unfiltered and strong. From darkness, I draw light; from pain, I find power. Being a woman means being willing to own our individual shine and shape the world as bright as we can, never letting anyone or any space dim our light."


Skye Sandhu-Nelson

"Being a woman, is being me and being me is a time lapse of all my past experiences good, bad or indifferent. Being a woman is nurturing and loving life whilst getting up and doing the sizzle we got to do to make the world go round. Being a woman is having & nurturing yourown space, your queendom like mother nature intended."


Mary Martin London

 "A woman is light of the world the beginning and the end of nature."


Kele Le Roc

"What it means to me to be a woman. I have never been anything else, in this lifetime at least, so there is an ease and grace to it. I love being a woman and a black woman at that. I love feeling feminine and relishing in all the things that go with that. Like getting all glammed up and doing my hair and makeup. However i also like to connect with my masculine and i love DIY and getting stuck in. I think ultimately what it means is that i can be and i am, unapologetically me warts and all."


Danielle  Blenman

"Being a woman happens in the becoming and in the transformation while growing through life. Being a woman means resilience and being able to nurture and love but also to be strong and stand in our power."


Kubi Springer

"Being black and female, is my superpower."


Sonji Miller

"For me being a woman is an honour and I deeply admire the women who have paved the way before me, carrying the torch of resilience and wisdom. For me being a woman is withstanding immeasurable levels of pain, whilst embracing vulnerability and strength in equal measure. Being a woman means standing by our loved ones unconditionally with unwavering support.
As women, we are multifaceted beings who embody the delicate balance of gentleness and fierce determination, weaving a tapestry of love, compassion, and power."


Caroline Fagbemi

"Giver of life, caring, strong, smart, intelligent, emphatic , confident, humorous, kind, independent, powerful, loving, wise, selfless, determined, conscious,  supportive just to name a few. Being unapologetic in a world that sometimes expects otherwise and setting the trend to lead by positive examples daily."


Michelle Sultan

"Being a woman to me is simply wonderful, I feel like a super hero every time i leave the house.
I sometimes wonder how I will get it done but through my super powers I always manage it.
Being a hairstylist I get to meet and work with some of the most powerful women in the world, being able to surround myself with these women allows me to grow, nuture and spread love and understanding in a world that doesn’t always acknowledge the difficulties that we sometimes all face."


Akua Gyamfi

"Being a woman is everything. it's strength. It's bravery. It's determination. It's nurturing. It's protecting. It's caring. It's loving."  


Marcia Brock

"Being a women is a blessing to walk with elegance, grace and softness with the ability to be a woman who can command anything they want from the world."


Beverley De-Gale OBE

"Being a woman for me means being kind and having a strong sense of identity, feeling self-assured and being able to build confidence in people around me. I’m a proud mother and wife, always on standby to nurture, advise and give strength. I remain mindful for what I have whilst always remaining fired up for further growth. Hope this is ok."


Vanessa Sawyerr

Being a woman is amazing because it embodies the strength and grace to create, nurture, and transform the world around us, whilst also being fiercely protective of who and what we have around us. We are superwomen because we can and actually do it all.”


Meena Samara

“Today women are a blend of powerful strength married within soft loving hearts. It means being compassionate and vulnerable towards others so they feel safe in our presence. It’s understanding and caring for others in a world that was not always kind to us. It’s choosing to stay soft and not be hardened by our own suffering so the world can experience love once more.”


Joanne Johnson

"To be a Woman in 2023 means everything to me.

I am a Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Daughter, Sister and Black Woman In Business. I am here to pass on a legacy, not only to my children but to those women who are coming up behind me! My aim is to change the way the hair and beauty industry has for years been seen! We are all beautiful regardless, and we should all be treated as such, Too long has there been a divide in the industry. Lets all learn and be inspired and uplifted from each other.""

Each One Teach One!



Shereen Boucher

"Being a woman comes with great responsibility and not one to be taken lightly.  I feel as a woman, I have a duty to somehow find a balance between being a mother, a friend, a confidant, an educator and continuing self development through life’s journey so I can pay my contribution to this generation and the next." 


The 2024 Power Of A Woman In Ministry Award is sponsored by the amazing Keep The Faith Magazine. We are honoured to have their support in such an amazing category.


Pastor Yvonne Brooks

Pastor Yvonne Elizabeth Brooks is the First Assistant Pastor of New Jerusalem Community Church based in Aston, Birmingham. She is the founder and Director of Women of Purpose Ministries (WOPM), a UK-based organization that seeks to spread the gospel to all women and equip them to fulfill their God-given purpose. One of the projects run by WOPM is Esther’s Academy, a groundbreaking course that prepares women for the world stage and self-leadership. The course has empowered many women to achieve their goals and have a greater societal impact. Pastor Brooks is a well-respected speaker, has authored several books, and in recent years has played a major role in raising awareness of menopause.




Before Social Media Brenda Emmanus was a trending powerhouse on our television screens.

A broadcaster and public speaker who first appeared on our screens in the Clothes Show, she was a breath of fresh air. She is also a pillar of strength displaying poise and class, at the time she was the only Black lady on TV fronting a fashion and lifestyle programme. Being the sole black or ethnic person in the workplace can be difficult, it can be challenging and it requires a certain strength and she is - indeed - an extremely strong woman.

She is passionate about championing diversity in newsrooms, supports women and mentors young people to reach their highest potential within the media. Her love for the Arts has been recognised and she sits on many boards, too numerous to mention.

Some of the many names she has interviewed face to face include Oprah Winfrey, Sir Elton John and Maya Angelou.

Her list of achievements are so long are never ending.

The Power of a Woman Appreciation Award.

Brenda Emmanus OBE.

Presented by AngieGreaves